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We provide document preparation services for all of the student loan forgiveness programs making the process simple and stress free.


If your taxes or wages are being garnished because your loans are in collections, we can prepare rehabilitation program documents that may get you out of default and into a more manageable payment plan.


Do you qualify for lower payments? We’ll prepare the documents to get you enrolled into the income driven payment programs.


Are you a teacher? Do you work for the government or maybe a non-profit organization? Ask about the special loan forgiveness programs available to you.


Some forgiveness programs require you to send documents to the DOE annually to remain in the program. Never miss another annual certification again.


We substantially increase the chances for students to receive compensation from schools that had borrowers take out an unnecessary amount of high interest debt for a degree that is closed or useless in the work field. 

Financial Freedom Starts With You

Student loan debt in the U.S. is currently at 1.64 trillion.

The average student loan balance is around $34,000 and the number of borrowers defaulting on their student loans is at an all-time high.

Besides the ample amount of stress it can cause, these financial burdens prevent far too many from purchasing homes, starting a small business, or taking out loans that are essential to improving one’s livelihood and future.

In United Aid Group, We take pride in being advocates for student loan borrowers on their journey to financial independence providing timely, accurate, and professional service. By maintaining a culture of integrity and stewardship, we believe in building and sustaining trust and value among the students nationwide.

The United Aid Group customer service has been great​.​ They always respond back and if I have a question or problem their staff is always their to answer and straighten it out. Fritz especially has been wonderful​ and helped me through this confusing process. ​Two thumbs up!​

Quincy C.

Thank you very much for all your help to solve my student loan problems. I highly recommend this company to my classmates who need to consolidate their student loan. I am so happy to start making the payment in the amount that I can afford.

Jessica W.

I was in over my head and in default. My taxes and wages were being garnished and it was killing me. United Aid Group took me out of collections and stopped the garnishment! The United Aid Group has made the process easy and they are extremely easy to work with. I couldn’t do any of this on my own and I wouldn’t know where to start. They have great customer service and every time I call with questions there’s always someone there to answer it.

Brian P.

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